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184. Openness Will likely be a very important thing

184. Openness Will likely be a very important thing

Update: It's become obvious little possibility can be acquired I'll be continuing this web site. So this is what From the away from my personal agreements into the T7S!sims.

Jackie and you can Hyde would've become vampires of the underworld – temporarily – just regarding fascination. Among them would have turned the other, being the fresh interested you to.

Kelso would've get pregnant that have an alien kid. The guy, Brooke, Jackie, Hyde, and you may Fez most of the would've aided raising his son.

Fez and Rhonda, I hope, would've wound-up together. However their dating was a rugged one to, particularly while the she is actually engaged so you're able to someone else.

You will find not a clue where Leo would've ended up. One to however become Rhonda's roommate in the video game (IIRC) by happenstance is actually a very good coincidence. Basically consider incorrectly, it would've come chill, lol.

I'd keeps transformed back-and-forth ranging from property: area of the household, revealed a lot more than, and you may Eric/Donna's household by the addition of a couple kids and you may Red-colored and you may Cat (naturally, We most likely would've must have fun with cheats to make certain Kitty and you can Yellow had been thought to be Eric's mothers, however, no prob here).

I'd intentions to created the brand new Futures expansion as well as has Kelso explore other brands of the future and maybe make an effort to make modifications in the present to cease a beneficial dystopia.

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