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It's funny how you are trying so hard to make me look like a liar

It's funny how you are trying so hard to make me look like a liar

Do you see how that post had nothing at all to do with you on any level?

The stealth edit you refer to wasn't stealth at all. As i noted on the Pier months ago, i had ruined the letter B key on my keyboard and was having to use windows onscreen keyboard for that letter. When i posted that part with your name in it, at some point the mouse cursor jumped to the middle part of your name right ahead of the time i accidentally touched the mouse to type the b key which resulted in that making your name jonbnyd. i corrected that. people that write things usually edit them afterwards. i also typo'ed the word sexually in that same post. When and if i go and fix that, is that a lie too? This is your issue, you want to make sly cheesy insinuations you know are not true to make others wonder. so to make sure i cover my ass, make sure you notate the s key is also now starting to give me issues so more edits could happen, since you apparently are watching my posts more than i'm watching your appearances. --

Thank you for providing me the perfect example of how you presume to know what i'm saying and to whom i speak. Let me call your attention to some chat from the early AM hours of 12-20 when the room was having a short discussion of pier.

norebro June 22, 2022