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I Tried the ArcWave Ion Masturbator for Men Who Just Like the Tip

I Tried the ArcWave Ion Masturbator for Men Who Just Like the Tip

I received six embargoed emails the day of its pre-launch-one from WOW Tech press, two from fellow Men's Health staffers, and three from editors at various publications asking me to write a review.

This toy was supposed to be what revolutionized masturbation for everyone with a penis. The Porsche (please read with a fancy “uh”) of masturbators, but imagine this Porsche had wings and could fly. I got the impression that buttholes, vaginas, and mouths would be obsolete with this ground-breaking technology. One hundred years from now, Earth would be overgrown with shrubbery, and animals would roam freely. Not a single human soul would exist. Men would have wasted their precious seed using the Ion and only the Ion.

Since I've been a sex writer, I don't think there's been more anticipation for a new male masturbator than there has been for the ArcWave Ion

Alas, I don't think my dystopian future will come to fruition as the Ion is good, but not great. Given all the hype, I was disappointed. Since it costs $199, I really expected the whole world. (If anything, I only got half the world.) And I'm not in the business of recommending high-priced sex toys when there are incredible sex toys for under $50.

"The product is called the Arcwave Ion TM which is the first product in the world which has been created to intensify the male orgasm experience by using pulsating airwaves to target the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the tip of the penis.

norebro June 18, 2022