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Surprise identity and you can surprise ally in the Batman #62 (1950) & #65 (1951)

Surprise identity and you can surprise ally in the Batman #62 (1950) & #65 (1951)

In the "Batman" #62, Batman chases Catwoman earlier in the day a condemned strengthening one to collapses just as he is inside list of their shedding bricks. During the a minute, Catwoman have to choose if she's going to avoid and help Batman perish, or rescue their life at the risk of her very own. She chooses the latter, but in the procedure requires a stone into the lead and you will is actually knocked unconscious.

Batman provides this lady into the Batcave to recuperate. Whenever she awakes, the woman is stunned to find out that she actually is a violent having a feline transform ego, and that escort girls Dayton OH it's 1950. She reveals that the lady name's Selina Kyle which she are an excellent stewardess who was simply in the an airplane crash and you may hit this lady direct (yes, 1950 "Batman" writers signed up for the theory when you to direct burns off brought about a problem, a moment lead injury manage solve one to disease). Batman theorizes that she's got had amnesia and you may, in her own amnesiac county, used a lifetime of crime given that Catwoman. Selina try horrified by this reports, however, agrees to continue to tackle Catwoman therefore she will wade undercover which help Batman, Robin, and you may Administrator Gordon defeat brand new fatal Mister X, with which Catwoman got recently strike right up a collaboration.

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